Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stealing Cassidy

Today, after a 4 hour ordeal that involved 4 stores to get all the Joes a new Easter outfit we arrived home and Cassidy wanted to ride her bike on the driveway. I had already told the girls that I needed a rest before we colored the eggs for tomorrow and Cassi wanted someone to stay outside with her. She said, "Carly, will you stay outside with me? I don't want anyone to steal me." and just laughed and started riding her bike.......

(I realize this is a serious thing, but it struck me funny the way she said it)

She was also singing "Jesus Take The Wheel" today, except she had made up her own words.
"Jesus take the week, I can't do this all night long" This girl keeps us laughing every day....

Today at Payless Shoe Store I had a sad revelation. Carly and I may not have the same taste in shoes! Shoot! I was looking forward to sharing all those shoes!! Maybe she will change her mind and start picking out some cute shoes that I like. heehee!

We also ran into my friend Greg and his wife Melissa and their 10 month old baby, Logan at the mall. That was a was the first time I had seen Logan since he was a newborn and he had grown so much! His cheeks were just full of sugars. (that of course i had to kiss!) He was fascinated by Cassidy, who had put on some sparkley face gel at Bath and Bodyworks. He kept reaching out to touch her face and tried to poke her in the eye. He also tried to pick her nose. Cassi didn't quite know what to think of that.

Now I am off to rest for a bit before the hoo-haa continues as we color Easter eggs.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend. :o) Are you eating Peeps? I personally don't like them. Too sticky and sugary for me. I am a fan of Reese's Eggs and Jelly Belly's :o)
I found something really cute for the girls at KMart. We will post a picture of them later. I looked all over and couldn't find a Cadbury creme egg...the one that looks like a real egg when you break it. Do they still make those? Joe likes them and I thought I would surprise him with one. (The first time I saw one of those I gagged. It looked like a real raw egg yolk inside and made sick!)
Praise God for the resurrection! I am glad we serve a living God, one that will return someday and take us home to Heaven.


  1. I'm first.

    We like Peeps - once a year. Yes, they're everything I should hate, all that sticky sugar but then I like cotton candy too but only on special occasions.

    Thanks for the reminder - I have to do the 6 weird things meme.

  2. I couldn't find the Cadbury cremes either and usually they're all over the place - only caramel this year. Oh well we settled for every other strange egg they had at 2/$1.00.

    Happy Easter - watching Giants and trying to do this at same time. Multi tasking is not my forte. Thus two comments.

  3. I love those Cadbury eggs too, they have had them at a few stores I've been in. We don't do Peeps though LOL But even Martha Stewart has a recipe to make them.

    Hope you and your family will have a very happy and joyous Easter! :)

  4. i'm looking forward to your easter family picture. it's gonna rival that chirstmas family pic for sure!!

    as for those cadbury eggs, i see those all over. you must be blind. they have them at walmart, and everywhere else. i think they even sell them at the corner of your street by the stop sign!!

  5. SOOOZEEEE? is that you? i can't see clearly.....i must be blind!!

    I looked at three stores and couldn't find them. They must be a big seller cause all that was left was Cadbury caramel eggs. Ick. (and i am happy to say i finished my shopping withOUT going to walmart so there :oP )

  6. I've never heard of yolky Cadbury eggs... just caramel. I will have to be more curious in the candy section; a place I am not generally drawn to. My mom always bought us Peeps, and used to send them to our kids when we lived in Brazil. If Peeps were in the house, I might eat one... but only one. I have a low tolerance for sweets. Now if Peeps came in the form of potato chips....

    Yes, post that Easter family picture!

  7. No peeps this year, but lots and lots of reese's eggs and robins eggs and real eggs and things that look like eggs- ;D

    Have a Happy Easter.

  8. Cadbury eggs gross me out so I don't buy them. Haven't looked for them this year.

    Blessed Easter!

  9. She shoots and she scores!! I found the Cadbury Creme eggs on half price at Albertsons...yay AJ!

    UJ was very surprised. He said, "Wow! They are bigger than they used to be!" with a gleam in his eye

    Posted by AuntJosefina

  10. OK, tomorrow I'm hitting the after-Easter sale at Osco....
    Can you believe we didn't have so much as a jelly bean this year?! Not so surprising for me, I guess, but PR is really slipping.

  11. UJ: the eggs are not bigger. you are smaller.

  12. reeses eggs. MMMMM I can't even look at Dove eggs. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH............

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