Sunday, April 09, 2006

Help! I am blogging and can't stop!

I have posted four posts!

Here I leave a post up for a week and today I post four!

Oh well hope you have a few minutes to read them.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday......we had a wonderful Easter Song service at my mothers church and I understand from Joe that the service he attended with Ted was excellent as well. I am amazed at the messages these preachers have for us every week. God is so good. He knows exactly what we need to hear and leads us to those messages. I actually had my own private service while listening to the music. I took advantage of the quiet time and just prayed for things that were on my heart. At one point I looked over at Cassidy, all snuggled in Papa's arm and had to look away because I was starting to tear up. My grandmother, and my mother (and I and many other family members too) have prayed for many years for my dad to get back into church and to see him there with his baby granddaughter was a wonderful sight.

Right now Cassidy and I are watching "Elf" one of my favorite movies. There is no one like Will Ferrell to make us laugh! Who says we can't watch a Christmas movie in April? ;o)

Y'all have a great week and I'll see you around the blogosphere.


  1. What is up with you girl?!! Are you liking that digital camera?

    I love the posts!

  2. Our early service was beautiful. The Sunday School kids brought in the palms which began the service. Good singing and a service which began with rejoicing and ended on a quiet contemplative note.

    A spiritual start to Holy Week.

  3. I wish I had a digital camera too... *sigh*

  4. Isn't it good to see the Lord at work?!

    And yes, you can watch a Christmas movie in April.... as well as eat pizza, watch a parade, and buy a new vacuum cleaner. All in one weekend in April, if you want!

  5. Sounds like a great day! That is wonderful how God is working in your family and how He's blessed you.

  6. What? No pictures of the Chili Cook Off?!?!? I want to see pictures!

    Where are the pictures of the Azalea Festival? I depend on you to keep me as close to home as possible!

  7. hey, we own "elf" too. good taste you have in movies there!!

    i'm glad you had a great sunday, and i hope there are many more just like it, even better. toodle doodle dooooooo

  8. Oh no! You have Blogitis. Take 2 pills and call me in the morning. BTW, that pizza looks AWESOME!

  9. Saur, should I take Bloguprofen or Blogacin?

    Jamie Elf can make me laugh every time! I want to name a dog Jovie.

    Susie the only thing that would have made it better would have been a short nap.

    Leslee we will plan a trip to the park to shoot some azaleas just for you. :o)

    Jen and Seeker yes it is wonderful to see His hand in our lives....He knows our need before we do. That is why is is awesome.

    Nerdine if i had an extra i would surely send it to you! It has been really fun posting pictures. I bet you would have some beautiful ones.

    Granny: I love Palm Sunday.....

    Annie: i am lovin every minute of it!

  10. My kids always laugh, "DID YOU HEAR THAT?!!"

  11. awww that almost made ME tear up! I'm glad your papa is back in church! Praise God

  12. it's feast of famine over here woman!!! post your silly questions here so we can all join in.


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