Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here is CarlyJo and CassiJo in their Easter finery.

I am having Blogger woes trying to post additional pictures, so please check back again for updated photos. ~AJ


  1. I guess the pics will have to do since we didn't get to hunt eggs together in person! Lovely azaleas, by the way. Do you do anything special to make them bloom so profusely?

  2. Lookin' good. So are the blooms!

  3. i think those azaleas bloom because that is the most popular flower in town, and the festival just happened.

  4. They look beautiful, hope you all had a happy Easter!

  5. The girls look adorable.

    The stuffed peeps are great. I don't like the taste of the the marshmallow ones, but I buy them EVERY Easter anyway.
    Last year, my kids made a stop-motion movie out of them. It was pretty neat.

    I read Joe's post about the upcoming decisions you have in your lives. I wish for your paths to be made straight as you head into the future.

  6. How sweet! You have inspired me to post some pics of my kids in their Easter duds.


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