Thursday, April 20, 2006


I was driving back to work Monday after lunch at home (the hottest day this year 96 degrees!) and noticed a lot of people wearing all sorts of hats. In my short 1 mile drive back to work I saw: a baseball hat, a fishing hat, a visor, and an outback looking hat. By the time I got back to work I was laughing.....

Hats are very important to men I have discovered over the years. Men lacking in the furry head covering department must utilize head wear or lots of SPF 50 sunscreen to keep from getting a scorched cranium. Joe's fave hat I believe is a green baseball hat with an "orange" team on it. At the moment, the name of the team escapes me. I have also learned that my bootie is a hat magnet. When he takes off his hat in the vehicles, that hat will invariably end up under my butt and get smashed. I'm thinking we need a special suctioned hook in the cars for his hats.

Got me thinking: what kinds of hats to y'all wear? Do you have an activity that requires special headgear? Does Foo have a cycling hat? Does Meow have a Down Under hat? Does Saur have a hat with a mask? Does Emma have a hat with coffee cups on it? How big of a hat does Gobhole need to hide her hair on bad hair days? Is Leslee an OU or OSU fan? Does Jamie Dawn wear a big Southern Belle bonnet? Does Anne wear a do-rag? She is a motorcycle Mama you know......
Slick has a cool hat. (maybe I can catch him in it and take a picture)

Our church has a fun tradition. Months that have 5 Sundays we proclaim the 5th Sunday, "Hat Day" All the ladies of the church wear a hat to church. It can be any hat: funny like a chef's hat, or serious like a beret, it can be playful like a baseball hat. I have seen jester hats, graduation hats, big funny garden hats(me), cowgirl hats, baseball caps and even visors. This is a fun day and you should try it in your the catalyst and get the funniest hat you can find. :o)

I have asked Uncle Joe for assistance with this post in the way of locating some good pictures to stay tuned if you are reading this post with text only. I know he will come up with some good ones.

So there you have it folks, my silly thoughts for the week. ~AJ


  1. That "hat Sunday" is a fun idea. I doubt our church would do it, though. I only saw one hat on Easter Sunday... a little girl. I have a Chicago Cubs baseball hat and an Army visor, but they just hang on the wall. I got the Cubs hat on "hat day" at Wrigley Field almost 3 years ago, and wore it during the game. Mark's recruiter gave me the Army one. I might wear it for jogging this summer. I do wear a warm hat for jogging in the fall/winter/spring, and a hairband in warm weather. Hate it when my hair flies into my eyes.

  2. P.S. My sisters and I wore hats to my son's garden wedding in 2002. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of that...

  3. Your bootie is a hat magnet?!?!? LOLOLOL!! Too funny!

    I don't wear hats, the closest thing I put on my head in the winter is a hood when it is snowing. My hubby, on the other hand, layers 2 knit hats and then a headband type thing over his ears.

    Can you take pictures at your next Hat Day at church? That would be a hoot to see! :)

  4. I don't usually wear hats except in the winter. It's interesting that men wear hats more than women. Women typically have more hair to take care of. Seems like wearing a hat would save us some time.

  5. I have a Rockies hat, and a denim ball cap that I really don't wear very often. In fact, I don't even know where the denim one is - I think it was taken over by my youngest son and now lost somewhere in his room.

  6. One of my favorite t-shirts is an OU soccer shirt but I wear a lot of orange and black--I'm one of those weird okies who refuse to choose a side.

    As far as hats go... I don't look good in hats (too much like my brother) so I don't usually wear one. However in my dance recital this June I'll be wearing one of those 1950 black gangster looking hats with a white ribbon. We'll see how long it actually stays on my head. Just practicing last night my head was sweaty and I hate being sweaty!

  7. when i read this the other night, by the time i was ready to comment, i somehow got distracted and never did. so here i am. back for the attack.

    i want that hat where it's knitted with halved cans in it. remember those from the 70's? and be sure they are beer cans.

  8. I wear no hats if I can help it. But I just did a post on hats for Easter and learned some things! I think guys wear hats to either hide the balding spot or cover unwashed/messy hair.

  9. I went through a period of time where I wore hats. One of these days, I'll post some pics of that Jamie Dawn "era."
    The hats idea at your church is a fun one.
    I'll be back tomorrow to see if you've posted any pics.
    We've had some HOT weather here this past week.
    I think we got up to 93 one day. WOW!!

  10. I love it when men at the clinic have to take off their hats for drugscreens and HAVE to show their messy heads! They look like little boys with bed-head.

    If any of you ladies start "Hat Day" at your church please let me know and post some pictures. I may have one picture of me and the girls.....I'll have to find it.

  11. I love hats, but hate wearing them. I hate "Hat Hair" ... the aftermath when the hat comes off !! Would love to see some photos, though.
    By the way, did you know that your post on hats is there twice ???
    Take care, Meow

  12. You forgot the invisible hats we all wear....
    In a few minutes I'll be wearing a chef's hat when I'm making the kids breakfast...

  13. Good one Joe! How true that is!

    What invisible hats do we all wear?

    I have Bee Bonnets:

    CleanerBee (i think i lost that hat)

    Thats what I wear.

  14. do you realize that gene is still banging away on that cowbell, back on the first comment i ever made to you?
    i can't believe he is not dead.

    this was my first comment

    Susie said...
    your husband gave you an award, so i hopped on over here to check you out.

    12/13/2005 7:54 PM

    i'm like the one who never stops popping up

  15. And I remember mine on yours.....something about purple duct tape on Dyls mouth or holding him down for a pic at the Christmast tree.

    I go back there and look at Gene for old times sake sometimes. I miss him. Banging away every day. He must eat his Wheaties. :o)

  16. Rochelle (age 11) would adore these. She's my hat person and goes all out for "hat day" at school. None at our church - it's a jeans kind of place but I will mention it.

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