Saturday, December 03, 2005

Making a dent

No, not on my car or on Hubby's head, although he deserves one. (Love ya Joe!)

I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn (as my niece erroneously said one time) this morning and got a wild hair to go to Walmart at 6am. I totally recommend early shopping and vehemently discourage late night shopping after I saw a drug deal go down right in front of the store while I had my daughter and two of her friends with me at a midnight escapade. (It was a slumber party and we wanted to go in our pj's) Early shopping in a crazy store like that is the way to go and avoid all the crowds. I used to love our little Walmart and since we have gotten the Super Center I HATE HATE going there. I hate it that they have the lowest prices and there is little other choice, unless you want to make numerous stops and still not get what you want. ( I even heard they are putting in a medical clinic there! Now tell me who wants to go to Walmart and go to the doctor!!?? I have a real problem with that but we'll save that for another post)

I have two daughters as you well know and I went in the store with a few ideas and came out with their Christmas mostly purchased. I was very pleased with myself. I even purchased a few things for Hubby while I was there. I really agonize over gift giving. I want my choice to be well thought out and the perfect gift. Sometimes I hit the jack pot and sometimes I flop. I found some boots my youngest daughter wanted and a cd player for my oldest, and _____ for Hubby. (sorry he might read this and I can't give away the secret!)

I agonized most over a gift to take to my Mother/Daughter Christmas party. It is all of my mothers sisters and their daughters and daughters-in-laws, and we play Dirty Santa. Let me tell you they get pretty nasty in the gift snatching. I hate playing that game because:
1. I always get my gift snatched
2. I hate snatching someone elses gift
3. I get way too emotional about it, and get mad if someone snatches a gift that the recipient really likes.
4. I am sad if my gift is not the one getting snatched. Lets face it you are judged somewhat by the gift you
bring...we all want to bring the gift that gets snatched the most!

That's why I always bring a gift I want, that way if it is getting too out of hand by the time my turn comes I will just pick mine. This year I chose a themed gift: Making Cookies. I got a cookie sheet, a silicone baking pad, a scoop to measure the cookie dough, a "Spoonula", a spatula, a serving tray and some cookie mixes. Not a bad gift. If I get it I am taking some of it back that wrong? Too bad if it is. Haha you have no control over me and who would know what you think anyway since I rarely get comments! HA so there!

We went to our Sunday School Class Christmas party last night at a friend's house. Boy what fun that was! I was worried because I hardly know any of the other wives and when faced with situations where I don't know the people very well, I tend to turn into the Hostess' Helper. Hey, I may not make good conversation but I know how to get set up or clean up! I made myself just pick a group and talk....and it went fine. I just feel so weird sometimes......

We played Dirty Santa with White Elephant gifts. ( a "gift" from your house that you don't want any more) The funniest thing to me was a welding hat. I took (on behalf of Hubby) a Viagra clock and pen that seemed to get a lot of laughs, especially since the newly wed husband got it! I (0f course) got my gift stolen and stole Bethany's gift and almost managaged to keep it the rest of the time until a Big Mouth said to the last person, "Hey Josefina has something cute!!" I had been at the back of the group being real quiet like a mouse and had the cutest little church candle thing, but alas, some Ding Bat stole it! I ended up with a cute Santa and a candle so it wasn't all for naught.

The best part of the party was after most everyone left and the only people that were left were the "funny ones" (with a weakness for toilet humor apparently.) I am ashamed to admit it but our conversation got stuck on farts, being accidentally nude in front of someone, and peeing outside. I got one of our substitute teachers SO good. He was laughing about the fact that he and his two sons pee out the back door every morning (no matter how cold it is ...yikes!) and I mentioned the fact that at his last visit to our house I was at the computer by the back glass door and saw him go behind our garage to take a leak. The look on his face was priceless! I had told Hubby about it but he failed to mention it to Sub-Teacher! I laughed so hard my jaws were sore from smiling so much! That is a good feeling.

I actually got our Christmas tree up early this year. Usually I am having to force myself after Cassidy's birthday on 12-11 to get it up in time to enjoy it for a while. I just love to look at the lights in the dark. It is so relaxing. Wish I had a big furry blanket to lay on with my hubby under those lights.......

I really want to focus on what Christmas is really about with my daughters this year. Partly in cause by the fact that the pickings will be slim and I want to teach them that it is not about GETTING. I want them to know that it is about GIVING. God gave us His only Son at Christmas time and we should follow Him and give also. I am not sure how to get the point across to each daughter since they are quite a bit apart in age. This will take some thought, I will need to employ the thoughtfulness of my husband for this one.

I am grateful this season for my job. We got to cash in some vacation time and that funded my fun day today. I sure was going to hate not having any money, but praise God we are going to be ok.


  1. You might want to clarify the giving of the Viagra clock "On behalf of hubby" part.

  2. I'm sure there were a lot of jokes about that Viagra clock. I can think of a few comments myself.
    Walmart is where I do most of my shopping. The prices are good, and I try and keep spending down.
    Blessings to you and your family this Christmas!

  3. Yes, lets clarify: I work in a medical office and have access to lots of drug sponsored equipment. The Viagra clock was a gift from a drug rep. My hubby does not take Viagra.......

    I did however get requests from other male attendees for more Viagra stuff ie: keychain with a pill holder, pens etc. They must not be too embarrassed about it!


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