Friday, December 02, 2005

Inferior Blog

I must be the most boring person in the Blog World.

I don't ask for much just a little attention now and again, just to let me know you're out there.

Is anyone out there?


Oh, there you are Peter.......(my favorite line from Hook)

I must have insomnia tonight. Stayed up paying bills and now I am awake and poor. What a sad state that is.

Is the Blog World real? Are you people who/what you say you are? I have often wondered how honest people are on their blogs. I think my blog is a true reflection of me. I am simple, but not simple minded! I don't lead an exciting life to some, but I enjoy seeing my life in print. I am not the most versed writer, but I enjoy blogging....just looking for new friends.


  1. I think you are a good writer. I feel inferior about my writing too though and wish I had a cult following like uncle Joe

  2. Look deep into my eyes Ted....You too have the ability to be a cult leader. First you must send me 20% of your paycheck. Second, you must send me another 2o% of your paycheck........

  3. I'm real!! This is my first time here.

  4. I'm real!! This is my first time here.


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