Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bloggin for Christmas

I think this has been the "funnest" Christmas I have had in a long time. We spread the joy out over 3 days so it was not so stressful trying to get everywhere we needed to be, and I had a good time shopping for everyone.

Joe's mother has Christmas on a different day so schedules are a little more cooperative. We started this tradition about 5 years ago after we all went to The Nutcracker ballet in Tulsa. We had an epiphany trying to schedule our get-together and had a spur of the moment gift exchange and supper. The only thing G-mom had on hand was tomato (look joe no 'e'!) soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It was a fun day! So a tradition was born. We have tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for supper then open gifts on a non Christmas day. It has worked for us and G-mom gets us all to herself.

My family has a different situation. My brother and aunt's birthday is Dec 24th so we go out to the local "Sizzler" for lunch to celebrate their birthdays. They really get jipped. No birthday cake or party for them,just a steak, but I think they like it that way.

We had Christmas with our girls yesterday morning and that confused Cassidy, the little one, a bit. She was actually surprised when she woke up this morning that there was no new toys, only stocking stuff. I didn't make a big deal of it and she didn't ask too many questions.

We have another Christmas get t0gether with my family on 24th afternoon. We don't draw names or anything, we just bring a woman/man gift and draw numbers. I wanted what I brought but didn't get it. (two really nice bracelets--I love jewelry) I got a huge pillow and some ornaments. I bet I will have to fight my husband and daughters for the pillow. It is a large oversized pillow and very very soft. I imagine it will end up under Joe's butt while he is blogging. I hope he covers it with a towel or something. Who wants butt-cooties on their pillow? Not me. How disgusting!

After all that partying we have yet another get t0gether to go to. It is a appetizer supper along with good company with my paternal aunt and her family. Between all of us (5) cousins we only have 4 kids so it isn't too hectic, although Cassidy makes enough noise for two or three kids! We enjoy getting to visit with them and only let the kids exchange gifts.

This morning we got up and went to church. It was PACKED!! We got there during the "Greeting Time" and had to sit on the front row! We sat by the preacher and he is such a goof ball. I was just singin' my heart out on the Christmas songs and he leaned over and said, "Since I am sitting by you and I can hear you sing,you are now in the choir." I think I blushed. I felt sure that with so many people singing no one could hear just me (other than Cassidy who was on my lap the entire time) We had a nice service and shared the Lords Supper. That is always a special time.

Joe got me some nice onyx earrings, a Wizard of Oz tin and plate, a movie and some custom made lotion. I will be smelling good, looking good and having a good time later. :o) Watchin' the movie!!

I asked Joe what his fave gift was and he said it was the Batman puzzle I found for him and Cassidy to put together. (ages 4+) I quickly lost out to a Jazz CD collection from my father in law. Hmmph. I can't compete with a guitar, never have won and never will I guess. haha

Has anyone heard of Michael Buble? He is a "crooner". I got Joe his new cd and it is so fun! I totally recommend it. It has a great song called "Home". We all got in the kitchen and had tag-team dancing to an upbeat one. Joe really got his heart rate up on that one!

Well that is about all I can afford to blog today. We are at my parent's house right now and Joe is about to leave me here. He is such a bosses butt.

Hope you all are having fun and not reading this silly post. (I can say that to myself, but none of you can.)

Merry Christmas to all! (Or should I say, Disgusting Fingers?! Check out Jamie Dawn's blog for an explanation on that one.)


  1. The next time you guys are having
    "fun" why don't you give me a call. I always seem to miss out on the fun.

    Oh. I was there?

  2. well, i'm reading your silly post, because my christmas is boring as always. glad you guys had a good time with the whole fam damily.

    tell uncle joe, that he needs to keep his gross butt cooties off the new pillow, and the nanny cam will be working.

  3. Okay, from now on I have a visual of a giant pillow under the butt of a man I've never seen.


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