Monday, December 26, 2005

Bed Head

I realized this morning at 8:05am that I forgot to change the message on the clinic's voicemail. You can hear my sleepy voice say, "Thank you for calling Muskogee...blah blah blah" you can also hear Cassidy in the background calling the dog with kissy sounds.

Today is Room Cleaning Day for Cassidy Faith. Her room looks like a cyclone hit, and that doesn't even include her loot from yesterday. After we get that cleaned up we plan on going to a movie with the whole bunch. That should be fun. We will smuggle in some kettle corn and go the Dollar Tree for candy too. :o)(if BigMouth Cassidy will keep her mouth shut!)

Last night while laying in bed Cassi was trying to figure out what all had happened this weekend. She kept saying, "Santa hasn't come yet. When is he coming? I saw you with all those presents we opened. You bought them." I replied, "So what does that tell you?" She said, "SANTA HASN'T COME YET!!" My poor little innocent baby. She is so confused. I will never do this again.(Have Christmas with them on Christmas Eve morning) Other people will have to wait, not our family.


  1. yeah, you messed up. you suck as a parent. just kidding

    i am currently locked in my bedroom, due to the fact that i am experiencing homocidal tendencies, and it is imperative to my husbands survival, that i quarentine myself for the time being.

    i know he will probably read this, even though i asked him to STOP FOLLOWING MY BLOGGING but at this point in time, i don't care. my christmas sucked bad enough as it was, and he just polished it off today.

    to make a long story short, his 14 yo daughter, my step daughter is what you would call "estranged". by her own choice, i think i got that idea from her hate letter, where she said "i hate susies guts and always have". "ever since she got together with my dad, my life was ruined". i think one of her main gripes was that i said it was not a good idea for him to spend the night on his ex wifes couch christmas eve so they could all be toether, once we got together? i'm pretty sure she said that I was just a big bitch for thinking that. well, there was A LOT MORE. but just let me say, he PROMISED. he GAVE ME HIS WORD. that he would not spring her on me today, and well, to put an end to this drivel, he DID.
    how uncomfortable is this? very. not nearly as many gifts for her, wasn't expecting her. no stocking for her. dylan and corey had buttloads of stuff, she barely had any. now, i'm locked in my room, and she is leaving because she "doesn't feel good". well, i can't imagine why.

  2. Ick. Glad you had your computer with you to vent.

    I wish I had some great nugget of advise for you. ( I am afraid my attempt would just sound silly and make you feel worse and make me look like a total dummy.) I read in Proverbs that even a fool can appear smart if he keeps his mouth shut. :o)

    I will however say a prayer for you and your situation.

    Now on to fun stuff, if you can take it that is......

    we went to see Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Great family movie! It was well written and not too silly. (But then again, any movie with Steve Martin will have some degree of silliness to it!) We smuggled our candy in and had a good time. Cassidy did well and didn't have to get up 40-eleven times to go to the bathroom but did however hog the soda! When we went to Hobby Lobby (Craft store) and to Hastings (books/cds) we had to go in both stores! :o)

    After Joe locking us out of the bedroom for a few minutes (Cassidy was having a melt-down wanting to color with magic markers on my bed.Uh. No. I already have large red marks on my bed from the last time she was unattended with magic markers on my bed) and me yelling at the girls and going for a cool-off walk around the block we ate a early supper of left overs and now I am wanting a snuggle on the bed. "Hey Joe...getcher sweet self on in here!"

    What? He told me something mean and naughty. Fine. You can sleep on the couch. (at your ex-wifes house)

  3. BTW....Joe doesn't really have an ex-wife. Ex-girlfriends in every port yes, but no ex-wives. :o)

  4. How do you know what I have and don't have?
    Ouch! get that cowbell away from!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yes, how are things going with the coveted cowbell. is he done with it yet, can i have it?

    so you guys are probably already spooning when i'm writing this. i'm up really, super duper late. i'm so retarded, i didn't even know how late it was til just this second when i glanced at the clock. whoops, better hit the hay.

    what does it mean to fork? is that painful? i bet the seinfelds do it, forking that is

  6. We have to hide the bell from the girls, especially Cassidy. She has the gift of "annoy" and that is the perfect tool to master her gift!!

    No spooning yet but I am on my way... and I wouldn't fork and tell! I can't even believe you asked. (gasp)


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