Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Today is my first born daughter's birthday. This time 11 years ago I was in the hospital in labor wondering when she was going to arrive. Would it hurt? What will it feel like? What will she look like? ( and I actually remember worrying that she would be ugly and people would still say "Aww what a pretty baby" and I would know they were lying!! She was so beautiful! The nurses even said she was prettier than most babies because she had eyelashes....big long eye lashes.)

In the blink of an eye I passed through the veil to parenthood, a lifelong journey I am taking with my husband and daughters. It is exhilerating and exasperating. It is exhausting and invigorating. It is wonderful and heartbreaking.

My daughter is so beautiful. Fair skin, dark hair, beautiful, deep eyes with long full lashes and lips to be jealous of. She is creative and full of emotion. She is hornery and thoughtful. She is growing so fast...not a teen not a little girl.

I am a she-lion and she is my cub. I would fight to the death for her.

Happy Birthday Carly

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