Monday, April 13, 2009

Land of......

Yesterday as we drove through town Uncle Joe said
"Josefina I think we should rename JoeTown....Land of a Thousand Speed Bumps."

Maybe it is a coincidence, but it seems there ARE a lot of speed bumps and dips in our town. There are two speed dips on our way to Nana's house and I hate them so much (after driving on them over 20 years) I will drive out of my way to avoid them. There are several speed bumps in and around the school and we are driving those roads constantly!

When I was in High School my friend, Carol used to pick me up for early band practice at 7:00. Let's just say we are not known for our it was usually 6:59 and we would go FLYING down Walnut street and FLY over the speed dips. BAH DUMP!! BAH DUMP!! (SPEED UP!) BAH DUMP!! BAH DUMP!!

We loved the speed dips when we were in Elementary school on the school bus ride home. If you sat in the last seat, when the driver went over the dip we would fly up and plunk back down in our seats screaming with delight.


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  1. Airborne! Speedbumps are such a car killer!


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