Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chilly Chili Cook Off

Saturday was the 25th annual Chili Cook Off in Muskogee.
UJ went and sampled a boat load of chili and came away thinking maybe our (ok his) chili might be our favorite. :o) The weather was overcast and we left minutes before a downpour came and washed all the chili eaters away.
A classmate of Joe's had a booth and gave away Dinky Links. DL's are a hotlink made with a secret recipe that is guarded by a security system that would rival Fort Knox. :o) I tried one bite of one and my stomach was on fire the rest of the day. He won 3rd place in hotlinks. He was robbed!
I got to meet my future SIL and had lunch with her, her 6 yr old daughter, my mom and Cassidy. We went to Flair and had a nice visit. Cassi isn't quite sure she is ready to relinquish her spot as "Baby Grand-daughter". I could tell by the look on her face.......
Aside from the rain.....buckets of rain, we had a nice weekend. Friends, Family and Food!
Have a good week where ever you are Blogger Friends!

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  1. Well you can't win first place if you are causing deaths can you?


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