Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Themes

Merry Christmas to all you Bloggers!
We revved up Wednesday for a busy few days. Started with lunch with my family followed by a visit to G-moms followed by visit to Nana's then a lovely candle light service at church. We ended the day with a supper of snack foods and punch with my Aunt Joyce and her family. The children got to read the Christmas story from the Bible and I thought that was pretty special. (All our babies can read now!)

We had a very nice Christmas day at the Joes too. (Pictures will follow later)

Joe and I stayed up way too late on Christmas Eve and didn't get to bed til about 130am, watching movies piled up on the couch. I won't promise that I didn't snooze a little, so don't expect me to pass any quizzes about the movie!

Cassidy was the first to wake up and God bless that child, she let us sleep in til 8am. :o)

What followed was wrapping paper flying,lots of smiles and giggles and a few "Are you serious?"s

Cassi was pleased with her purple big-girl bike and itty bitty tv with dvd.

Carly was thrilled with her small HD tv for her room to. Now we need an inexpensive dvd player to use with it. Who knew that thing wouldn't pick up any local stations??

Joe's theme for this Christmas was Iron Chef at Camp. He got several cooking themed gifts and some camping lanterns. They should come in handy for our next camping rendevous. :o) He also got some silly gifts in with his real gifts. A shower curtain liner and compressed air. I had to throw him off the trail!

My theme was Iron Chef at Camp also. (unplanned! Hey great minds think alike!) I got a nice two burner camp stove. That will be so nice not to have to load up our huge grill to take with us next camping trip! Whew that thing was heavy! When Joe bought the stove he said, "Let me just say that my gift in NO WAY implies you are the woman and I am the man." Note:I will make sure he cooks on it just as much as me. Promise!

We got to see my BIL Jory and his sweet family from Japan yesterday too. Kai, my nephew was very sweet and let me hold him and play with him. It's funny that play does not need language. Laughter is the same in all languages. He is a busy little thing and kept us laughing. I have a funny picture of the first moment Kai saw Uncle Joe. He was soooooo tall!

My niece, Maya got to hold Uncle Joe first.She was snoozing when we got there and Noriko, her mother brought her to Joe for her first snuggle. She is the sweetest baby! She laughed and smiled at us and was generally an angel.

We can't wait to see them again today. I am pretty sure they are missing me. I can feel it. :o)

My gift to myself was a nice 2 1/2 hour nap after lunch.

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  1. Did anyone get mullet wigs? with ballcaps attached? Cause no christmas is complete without that


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