Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby Brudda

While we were at our family Christmas gathering this weekend I asked our little cousin, Nicholas if he wanted CarlyJo to come and live with him and be his big sister.
He agreed.
He really liked CarlyJo who played a lot with him and his baby brudda, Zachary the whole time we were visiting.
He liked the idea so much that when he did something (semi) naughty he was afraid she would not want to come and be his big sister. He sat in her lap and held her hands and said, "I want to talk to you about being my big sister."
We thought this kid was a hoot!
He was not happy when we had to leave. He was talking it over (tearfully I might add) with his mother when we left. His mother, Candace assured me that he would be fine as soon as his grandparents came to pick him up. Apparently a big sister is NO competition for grandparents!

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  1. I caught up on some of your posts - your daughters are just beautiful! They look a lot like their mom.


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