Sunday, November 02, 2008

Procrastination Obliteration

Ladder Golf is fun!!
Wanna learn how to make it and play??
We first played with some friends from UJ's Class of 78 at a picnic and had such a ball we went right out and made us a set to take camping with us. We won't discuss who won this match. (I was tired and the sun was in my eyes OK??!!) :o)
I found a wooden duck stick on a picnic at Wildwood in September......

CassiJo and Hoghead aka Octagon Man aka Terry
These two love each other and love to torment one another.......

pretty flower arrangement by CassiJo and AlliJo

AlliJo and CassiJo have an impromptu picnic at our house on a beautiful Saturday.......

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  1. If you encouraged that bald guy to take about 10 large steps backwards, he's be out of your hair for awhile, (pun intended)

    Make sure you open that lid up first, and maybe throw him some vittles once in awhile, perhaps some antibiotic ointment or a bandaid in case he breaks his legs and they become ganglious.

    That golf thing is interesting, I've never seen that before.


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