Friday, November 21, 2008

Best Laid Plans

I totally got Joe today. I have never "gotten" Joe. Ever.

I planned earlier this week to surprise him by taking today off. I didn't tell a soul in my house. I arranged to have Nana pick up the girls so we would not have to rush home. I had several ideas to choose from and I told my co-workers to tell him I ran an errand if he called me at the office before 9am, the appointed surpise hour.

I got up, showered and left as usual so I wouldn't give any secrets away. It was a long hour before I could come home and surprise him. I got a cup of coffee, read the paper and went to the Dollar Store to pick up some stuff and waited.

I was in the house when he walked in from taking CassiJo to school. He had a sick look on his face. He HAD called and was told I had "stepped away from her desk". When he saw my car at home he panicked and thought something was wrong.

"SURPRISE!!" I squealed. "I took the day off!!"

He was totally speechless.

It took him about 20 minutes to calm down.

He doesn't do surprises well. (Next time I think I'll give him a heads up.)

I totally caught him off guard and surprised we are off for a surpise day trip. :0) Who knows where we will end up!

Aunt Jo, The Surpriser
Over and outta heeeeeere!!


  1. Well at least he only took 20 minutes to get over the "surprise" and you had plenty of time to have a nice day. Yup - maybe just tell hime the night before next time.

  2. moral of the story:
    don't jack with a heart patient!

    we had fun!

  3. Dude, you didn't follow this post up with where you went? HEADS UP


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