Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stretching My Noodle-making Muscle

Saturday I finally got up my nerve and tried our pasta maker attachment for our KitchenAid mixer we bought this spring. The mixer came with a "Mixer Bible" and was chock full of recipes. The first pasta recipe is for beginners so I decided to start at the beginning and stretch my noodle muscle with a fairly easy noodle. So what if I messed up? It was only flour, egg and water!
It was much much easier than I thought to make them, and I would do it again.
I have been wanting to make Fettuccini Alfredo so this was the perfect opportunity. Uncle Joe seasoned up the chicken to saute, I made some mushrooms to add and when the combination came together, well let's just let the picture below tell the story.


UJ liked it and fussed a bit over the tasty plate. I ate that up along with the yummy noodles. :o)

Next I'll work on my tomato noodle muscle


  1. Home made pasta is the shizzle. I was just thinking about my moms the other day.

    I like your red plates, did you get those at target?

  2. I've had an attachment for over 12 years now and I've only made noodles once. You have inspired me.

    (and seriously, YUMMMM)

  3. Uhh I am SO glad I didn't eat any of that. It looks like something you would find in the stomach of a week old dead Camel...

  4. I like the red plates too.

    I am not sure if I have ever had homemade pasta. Weird.

    That looks great minus the mushrooms.

    And Carly is pretty darn funny. Need some soap to put in that mouth?

  5. Hey, girlie, you done gooood!
    That looks so YUMMY!!

  6. They look very professional. Congratulations on your pasta efforts!


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