Friday, September 05, 2008

Did You See That?

Did you hear that speech by Sarah Palin?? (Did you see her daughter lick her hand to make the baby's hair lay down? So cute!)

Did you hear that speech by John McCain? Cindy McCain?


Yea. What they said..........

I can't wait for November. I have never NEVER been interested in politickin' but this year has piqued my interest. I may not have watched the speeches if Joe hadn't been in charge of the tv remote, but in any case I paid attention and learned a lot and was inspired by the two candidates and their families.

McPalin! McPalin! McPalin! McPalin!


  1. you're going to have to come back to earth a bit please.
    earth to to aj......

  2. I'm pretty jazzed about it too this year.

  3. Count me in!

    Stop by my blog - I have a quirky little game for you to play.


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