Sunday, June 08, 2008

Symphony In the Park

Last night Uncle Joe and I got to go to Symphony in the Park, sans children!

It was a very hot and humid evening, but pleasant nonetheless. We got to see friends we haven't seen in a while and hear some good music performed by the Muskogee Community Band. It was held at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee and has become an annual event. I think it improved since the last time we went.
Here is the picnic basket we bought there. It was full of meat, cheez, and fruits and veggies. ( I let UJ have ALL the celery. haha)

There are banners for sale every year. They are all very nice but this one was my favorite. I loved the color.......

I wanted a shot of the moon over the band tent. You can see the moonspeck....

The night ended with fireworks.

How can a night that ends in fireworks be a bad one?? It can't.

Well there was the fact that we parked up a hill and while trudging up it in the dark in my new sparkley blue flipflops I got both feet stuck in a mud slide, then had to dig them out and step in more mud up to my ankles! I had mud all over me and my clothes by the time I got to the top. haha


  1. Fireworks make just about any night terrific.
    It sounds like a fun time, even if there was no peanut butter for the celery.

  2. How fun! Parks are very unappealing around here this year. I'm thinking we are not going to have a summer at all. It's depressing.

  3. A perfect end to a perfect evening.. UJ carrying you back to the car.
    hee hee

  4. all of my nights end with fireworks but people don't seem to like them. They tend to smell a little

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  6. JD: for me to eat celery there would have to be a lot of peanut butter and very little celery.

    SEKR: It was a hot but fun evening.

    Doozie: yes we have had some of those nights this week. P U!!

    Ponder: I'll let you rephrase that.

  7. OK
    now go forth and be nice

  8. i'm always nice, maybe sometimes a little should know that.

    what's with the deletion....did i cross a line???

  9. you were right up there standing on it and it embarassed me

  10. You've coined a beautiful new word: "Moonspeck". Quite poetic.

    I am looking at the picture of the picnic food and I am getting hungry...why does food always taste better when eaten out of doors?

    This sounds like a lovely evening. Music, may not the mud part!


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