Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Most Interesting Meal I Have Ever Had

Yesterday my daughter, CassiJo and my niece AlliJo called me at work and said, "Mom/Aunt SuSu, don't stop and get ANYTHING for dinner OK?? Come straight home."
My thought, "Well this should be interesting. It could be steak or cereal. I can't even guess."
I got home and this is what they had for me. It is (from L to R) cream of mushroom soup. with chopped onion. and......chopped lettuce. Yes lettuce. Before you say yuck.....it wasn't THAT bad. Kinda like a salad and soup all in one bowl. To the right is a salad drenched in Paul Newman's Honey Mustard and Italian dressing. Next to it is the dessert: Weight Watchers White Choc Cheesecake and cantaloupe. A very healthy dinner if you ask me. :o)

Don't be jealous that my family is such creative cooks. Maybe I could hire them out to come cook for YOU!

When they got up this morning they were planning to cook a Cat Cake. I had to tell them no. Alli said, "Aunt Susu it doesn't stink up your WHOLE house!"

That was enough for me to stick to my guns.


  1. they almost got away with it today.
    with my back turned.
    they said, we NEED to turn to oven on and when I looked they had cat food, milk, and bologna pieces in a pan wanting to cook it.

  2. You must have been relieved that you didn't get anything for dinner.

    Do they want you to become a vegetarian?

  3. UJ: were your batsenses off??

    Jenn: yes that and that is all we had in the house to eat. haha

  4. Thats why the cat of the Bathouse ran everytime you try to pet him.

  5. Hey it's 'bout time you de-lurk and comment!! :o) Glad you did.

    Charlie is afraid of Cassi's cooking!

  6. I'm afraid, I'm just plain afraid

  7. Awwww, that is awfully cute. What a hoot! As someone who has been known to toss popcorn in tomato soup, this actually looks pretty good!

  8. Doozie: You should be.

    Lady Slipper: Popcorn in soup?? Now that is a good idea! I'll have to try that one!


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