Saturday, May 31, 2008

Farmers Market and Fun

I went to the Farmer's Market today with my parents and got Uncle Joe and I some nice looking veggies for lunch tomorrow. Those are sugar snap peas, new potatoes and sweet taters if you can't tell. I also picked up a mint plant (on the left) and a Sweet Basil plant (on the right) I have always wanted to make the fancy icecubes with a mint leaf in them. :o)

I also went to an anniversary reception for my Aunt Thelma and these are some of my cousins. In the front: Amy, Chet, Beth, Me and Tracy. The men in back are Greg and Bobby. Bobby, Tracy and Greg are the children of my mothers twin sister so you can imagine how close we were growing up.

My brothers and I are the same ages as B,T & G and we would have such fun when we were little. We would play outside til the cows came home or until it was too dark to see. We played Charlies Angels alot. ( I can't remember who I wanted to be...probably Kate Jackson.) Chet and Amy lived next door to us so they always had someone to play with and since their mom worked full time it was good for us to be close, and when one of the sisters came to visit my mom they could just go next door and visit more with Aunt Sandra too. :o)

I have a lot of cousins. Don't talk about any body in this town til you check to see if I am related.

Hope y'all have a great Saturday. We are going to a dance recital now.

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