Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Best Meal He's Ever Cooked

Wednesday night I came home from work late and Uncle Joe had dinner ready and waiting on me. It was fabulous and I was famished. He made:

Stuffed Poblano Peppers (stuffed with meat and veggies)
Homemade pico
Homemade salsa
Soft and hard taco's

I know he and the girls worked very hard cooking all that for us. They had a good time and some bonding with Daddy. I appreciate it so much when UJ cooks supper (and he even cleans up!) Now I know why my dad loved it when my mom had supper waiting on just makes you feel good knowing someone has been planning and working for the time you come home.


  1. yeah uh huh!
    Funny thing is I cooked it on the fly making it up completely so when you said:
    "This is the best meal you've ever made for us" it threw me off a bit.

  2. ...and clean up! :o)

    UJ I am sure the fact that I was starving had little to do with the equation. :o) It was very good and I loved it. f

  3. Wow! Very cool!

    When I worked two days a week, my mom would come over to my house and stay with my kids. Sometimes she'd have dinner waiting on the table when I got home from work. That is a wonderful thing, indeed!

  4. Sometimes I pretend I have a phantom husband, and I have a delightful array of tater tots, corn dogs and capri sun waiting for that phantom husband when he gets home from his phantom job and a certain phantom time

  5. You are one lucky duck. Now I have to look up what a poblano potato is.....


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