Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome to Tornado Alley

This what woke us up about 4:50am this morning. Thank God for the loose net getting snagged on the tree! It would have have hit our bedroom window, potentially knocking it out! See our "Batcave" entrance? I am glad we didn't have to go down there last night. It is dark and a little creepy. (For those of you in non-tornado prone areas this is a storm cellar or a fraidy hole for you hicks. ;o)
The braces are bent, but not too badly. Hopefully my dad can fix it.
This is the neighbors trampoline. It got blown from the back-door neighbors yard. He said they had staked it down and it still got whipped around. It didn't damage anything on the way over believe it or not. This is the second trampoline they have had damaged by high winds. I think God is trying to tell them something.
Just another view......
Look how far the tramp blew in from. Our swing and umbrella had some damage too.
We are all ok and the neighbor fetched his trampoline today. He and Uncle Joe hucked it back into their yard this afternoon.
The next door neighbor's house is up for sale if anyone is interested in living next to the Joes. We could knock down the fence between our yards and make a big swimming pool.


  1. if i bought the house next door, would you mind if i stored my trampoline up against your wall????

    melbourne had it's worst storm in 50 years last wednesday. 3 people killed, and some people did not have electricty for 5 days.

    ....although, i believe our storms are pretty lame compared to what your guys get...we had winds of 100mph. heaps of trees blew over, and the the power network was in disarray.....thankfully our place was unscathed.

  2. Yikes! Glad you were all safe!

  3. OMG! And I thought OUR storms were bad. I'm glad you're okay.

  4. This is not a very good advertisement to help us find new neighbors.

  5. Yes, but how many night crawlers got blown away?
    And... what is all that green stuff coming up out of the ground and growing on the branches? Don't you know it's only April?!

  6. lets just make a commune, I'll do all the sleeping and you do all the cooking

  7. Tornadoes came through our area when we were in Savannah. We missed all the action!! Some houses were destroyed just about 30 minutes from our house.
    Tornadoes scare me to death! I grew up in earthquake country where the ground just shakes your liver out. Tornadoes swoop you up and carry you away. YIKES! I need a fraidy hole. We ain't got one of them.

  8. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you all are okay.
    The bat cave sounds hitonious, but it's necessary.


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