Friday, April 25, 2008

Totally Trippin in Texas

Here is where we are this weekend. We have been coming down to Denton Texas for the last 4 years to a great Jazz Festival. Out whole Saturday will be full of music and fun festival food: roasted corn, Gyros, frozen chocolate dipped bananas, funnel cakes, corn dogs and slushies and kettle corn. :o)

Our friends Terry and Sharon come up from Benbrook to lounge with us on the square and soak up some sun as we watch the musicians. Sharon and I sneak off a few times to look at all the arts and crafts. There is a ton!

I hope to find another nice piece of turquoise jewelry, or maybe something else that tickles my fancy. My fancy is very ticklish so there is no telling what I will come home with. Heehee!!

We have new folding chairs just for this occasion, new nice smelling sunscreen, visors and magazines for me to read when I get tired of people watching. Believe me there are some very unique and interesting people at the Jazz Fest.

Our plans also include Terry and Sharon's maiden experience of Thai food. There is a great place down here that we go to every time we come to town and I am really looking forward to it again. If you haven't ever tried Thai food you are really missing out on some great foods. It is very fragrant, wonderful and light. I just love it!!

Can you tell I am very excited to have a bit of a holiday from home? This is the one time Uncle Joe and I get to be alone. There is a long trip in a small car so I can really pick his brain about things. He is a captive audience. Literally. One bad thing: my radio antennae is broken so we had to listen to cd's all the way down here. I forgot my cd holder so we had to make due with the ones that escaped under the seat....slim pickins! Maybe I will come home with a new jazzy cd for the trip home. :o)

OK I am off to Starbucks which is just across the street from our hotel. How great is that??

Stay tuned for pictures later......


  1. I sho' be trippin' right now!!!

  2. sounds like you two are in for a great weekend.

    i'm a bit of a sucker for festivals....never been to a jazz one, but we seem to have lots of folk music ones here.

    how far away is denton for you???

  3. You know it's a good day when you wake up and see that ole starbucks sign so close.

    I'm jealous of sharon and whatever his name is...I wanna go!


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