Sunday, April 20, 2008

Look how fast this guy is pickin'...his hand is a bit blurry. Notice on he banjo there are no frets. UJ wants to learn to play one of these.

This is Mr. Roberts, one of CarlyJo's former teachers. He is impersonating a Buffalo Hunter. The gun he is holding is very heavy and VERY loud.
CassiJo had a laundry lesson from The Laundress. We learned that Laundresses made more money per day than the soldiers! She had to make her own soap and fetchher own water. The contraption you see on CassiJo is how she did it.
Cassi and Papa play "I am going to stomp your foot" He was trying to beat her up the hill. I think he won.
This craftsman is burning a pattern on a tomahawk handle with a telescope lense.


  1. and notice the period coke can in the picture with the wood burning man. haha

    the re-enactors are pretty true to the period except for their beverages i guess.

  2. i am very keen to introduce wife to the 'laundress' and get her one of those contraptions (does walmart have them???)

    i am also keen on the 'naughty girl' deterrent.....although if i bought one, it's probably me that would spend most time in it.

    looks like it was a fun day!!!

  3. PT: remember she will make a lot of money as a laundress, so she might up and leave you for a soldier....while you are in the naughty thing.

  4. i like this post! your life looks so nice and exotic to this tropical urban girl. so full of nature, and grass!


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