Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flying Boogies

Today after taking a nice leisurely, hot bath I decided to put some lotion on my freshly shaven legs. I went to the cabinet over the commode and reached up to pump the container. However, I did not remember that it had been a while since I used this particular lotion and it had dried and made a lotion-booger on the nozzle. When I pressed it (and hard I might add) the lotion could not come out properly and came spewing out the top of the nozzle. Lotion came flying at my face at tremendous velocity. Me, being BatWife, used my bat-reflexes and dodged the lotion bullet heading toward my eyeball laughing the whole time. It did manage to hit my cheek and neck and I remained unharmed and very soft.


  1. LOL! Lotion booger! hee! hee!

  2. wow, fighting the injustice of lotion boogers, one bottle at a time.


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