Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Mug

Here is my current ugly mug with CassiJo. We were goofing off with the camera while the car washed in the automatic car wash. We had just gotten back from the library (to explain the dvd). Aren't her brown eyes pretty??
I don't look quite the same as my avatar any more.....and that was only in July of 2006! There is more of me! Ahhhhhh!!! More of me to love! I am currently trying to ummmmm give back some of the poundage that found me in the last year and a half. Must be all those good meals UJ has been cookin' up after watching Food Network. That and my current job function requires me to sit at a computer most of the day . Although, I have been filling in at the front desk until we find someone to replace the big quitter that left us a couple of weeks ago and I am up and down hundreds of times a day, walking across the office at least 800 times ....that has helped me a bit believe it or not. :o)


  1. Oh shut up! You look gorgeous! Both of you.

  2. UJ is a lucky man.

    and do you always have glasses on your head????

    and, and, did you let her watch your movie??

  3. G-mom thank you. you are sweet

    Seeker: Hmmph!:o)

    PT: *blush*
    i only put those glasses on my head when I am working up close. they are for driving and movie watching.

    she watched that movie 9 times before we had to take it back. it was sweeeeet relief for me NOT to have to watch it. :o)

  4. Luckily I've only had to suffer through that movie about half a time! But I think Peanut watched it 3 or 4


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