Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's Just Not Fair

You know, it's just not fair when friends drive all the way from FORT WORTH TEXAS to go eat at Sam & Ella's and when you get there they have run out of dough!! NOOOooo!! We had all starved ourselved all day in anticipation of the best -pizza- ever -made: Rock Island Red. Our friends, Terry and Sharon even wore their S&E shirts and still nothing....even though there were pizzas sitting on the counter waiting to be served and delivered. We thought about a pizza heist but decided against it if we ever wanted to go there again.

We settled on some other not-so-great food. The fun company made up for the food fiasco, thank goodness. Terry keeps us entertained and Sharon tries, unsucessfully to keep him in line.

We may have to have a Sam & Ella pizza run later in the week- just for us. :o)


Cassidy is feeling under the weather because her tonsils are 'itis-d. She has a raging case of tonsillitis. Her tonsils are huge and covered in blisters. You can hear it in the difference in her voice. Good thing Sweet Dr. E. was still at work when I called. We closed early and he was there finishing up his charts. When I arrived at g-mom's to pick Cassidy up she was napping. This kid never naps unless she is sick, so I called and he was kind enough to wait for us to come back for a short exam. He is so good to us. We have antibiotic, Chloroseptic and Tylenol to keep her comfy today and hopefully tomorrow she will feel like going to school. (I don't think it will take much to keep her home do you?)

Carly went to a Youth Group New Year's Party last night. I was so tired when she got home I didn't even hear how it went.

I laid down with Cassidy and fell alseep while Terry, Sharon and UJ were visiting. When I woke up it was 12:15 and UJ had to go fetch Carly from church. I tried desperately to stay awake on the couch, but my eyes must have been made of lead because they would not stay open. I was a terrible hostess for our company! (I am sure they understand though)

Now I am getting ready to fire up the Kitchen Aid mixer again for some killer cookies to take to Nana and Papa's Mexican Feast today.

Happy New Year!

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