Saturday, November 10, 2007

I am still standing

barely....I am sooooo tired. We are going through a data change-over at work and it is so slow. The light is at the end of the tunnel though......a small light, but there nonetheless. The Business Office staff has put in mega over-time the past 4 weeks and we are not done yet.

The weather is chilling here and Uncle Joe is heating up the kitchen on a daily basis. He is inspired by the Food Network (GOD BLESS THE FOODNETWORK!) and making all kinds of new and interesting dishes. He made a real beef head. Pictures will follow in a day or twelve.

CassiJo and CarlyJo have joined the swim team at school, so our lives the past two weeks have involved lots of water. They practice 1.5 hours a day , 3 days a week. We went from nothing to a very busy schedule! We live close to the pool so it is easy for UJ to go for one practice and I can go for the other. I am very proud of the girls progress and hope that they continue to participate as they get older. There is one girl in CarlyJo's class who ANP (my SIL) has named "The Torpedo" . SInce I don't know all the kids names I have given them made up names. There is the Torpedo, Pinkie(a little sprite of a girl who is usually the last one to finish....but she her hot pink swimsuit), Crack Boy (self explanatory), Fluffy (she has naturally curly er I mean fluffy hair) among others. CarlyJo is a very precise swimmer. She is very deliberate in her graceful form. I like to watch her swim. She and her cousin ElleJo have decided they are moving in with Aunt Lil, who has a pool so they can be the best swimmers next year. I will miss them. :o)

Cassidy gets to swim with flippers, I am not sure why, but she is a little torpedo herself. She has a cute white swim cap (Thanks G-mom and ANP!) Last night when we were laying down just after she fell asleep she jerked really hard. She said, "Mom did you feel that?? I dreamed I was jumping in the pool!"

Today I helped out with a catering at Camp Gruber. I learned this afternoon that this group of soldiers is heading out to Iraq tonight. There may be some of them who will not come home. I tried to look at their names and remember them so I can pray for them. I looked at them as they ate wondering what they were thinking. I saw some of them on the phone with a loved one trying to get one more conversation in before they left. I would hate to be in their shoes, but I am very grateful for their bravery and committment. Lord please protect them and bring them home safely. Watch over their families while they are gone and let them know you are in control........

I am totally exhausted and I think I will go to bed now. Maybe I can talk UJ into coming with me to snuggle for a while. I feel like I haven't seen him at all this week. I leave while he is still asleep in the mornings and by the time he came home from Carly's swim practice, I would be in I really haven't seen much of him. I am kinda fond of his hairy face and I really want to kiss it.

Oh my I am to the point of being so tired I am getting silly........good night y'all.



  1. I like water as and moist. It comes at me in times of stinkiness. Thank god for water

    as for you and the careful, they might be dreaming about YOU over there

  2. Sleep well
    - I f we think about our fellows cobatting terrorist all the time, we will also be victims (and are when going by airplanes)

  3. QZ I would be far from their minds, but the good food we served might be on their minds!

    Toraa: Thanks for stopping by!! What a treat!


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