Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hoarse of course

I have been coughing and hacking since we were in Hickville last week and my voice slowly faded to a whisper. (Joe has been very happy.) I am usually very healthy so this all caught my by surprise. I coughed and would lose my breath and got pretty frightened especially at night when being unable to breathe woke me up.

After fighting it on my own for at least 3 days I finally got some medical attention today. Sounds easy since I work in a medical clinic.....but no. We have been so busy with all the OTHER sick people, I didn't get treated. Today I took matters in my own hands and asked for a chest xray and was the last patient of the day.

I have "either late bronchitis or early infiltrate". Sounds yucky, but the meds are working and I am praising Albuterol Inhaler and really enjoying the cough medicine! :o) I am on the mend, but haven't felt up to my usual. Uncle Joe has cooked supper AND cleaned up every night this week, and boy do I appreciate that.

The girls are in swim lessons this week and next week, so they get up early and go to Aunt Andi's to ride with Elle and Alli to lessons. They are having fun and getting a little sun. CassiJo is still trying to work up her courage to dive (and not belly flop) into the pool. Carly is honing her already adequate swim skills. UJ picks them up mid morning and they gallyvant around the rest of the day.

In other news~
JorySan and his family are coming home next month. We are all very excited to see Baby Kai for the first time. I hope he likes me.

My cough medicine is really working well and my eyes are getting very I am off to enjoy this buzz before it wears off.


  1. ohhhhhhhh...I am not sure if I should feed you a carrot, you might bite my hand like all the other horses!!

  2. I hope you are feeling better.

    Meeting baby Kai sounds like fun. I'm sure you will be doing a lot of head-sniffing.

  3. I hope by now you are fully recovered from the crud you caught while in Hickville. We are known for having and passing along very strong and unpleasant bacteria. We never wash our hands.

    I hope the girls are enjoying swimming. Tell CassieJo I've done my share of belly flops - keep trying! Hello to Carly and UJ. :-)

    I'm on vacation at my parents' house in CA. My dad, brother, son, and I start our driving trip on Wed. It will be fun!

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