Saturday, July 14, 2007

Class Reunion

1987 was the year and I was a senior in High School.
Last night we had our informal class reunion at the Field House at the High School here in Ft. Gibson. We had a large turn out since it was a free event and children were welcomed. :o)
I am on the planning committee so yesterday was a very busy day buying door prizes and making last minute arrangements. Thank goodness for CarlyJo! She went along with me to help set up. My partner in crime Angela (or Peanut as we called her in school) brought her two children, Shelby and Caleb, and we had the place looking festive with school spirit pretty quick.
I don't understand it, but most of the absentee classmates were ones that live in our area. I guess they see each other enough on a daily basis. We threatened to go to their houses and crash them.....wouldn't that be mean?? (but SO funny!)
I tried to talk my Best Friend, Mindi (Min) into coming, but she wouldn't. I begged her too! I am glad I get to see her on a weekly basis, but I know there are others that would love to see her too!
Tonight is our Adults-only dinner and that has me a little anxious too. Oh well, when I get anxious I tend to clean and disappear into the back ground. At least the banquet hall will be clean. :o)
I hope to have some pictures later.
Uncle Joe and all the Girl-Jo's will be on a mini vacay til Wednesday so pray for our travel safety.....I'll be driving.
Have a great weekend y'all.


  1. Have a good time. It's amazing how OLD everyone will look...

  2. Hope you have fun! I had been out of school three years when you gradgiated. :)

  3. Just in case - I did that on purpose.

  4. if you're driving you'll for sure be safe ;)


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