Saturday, April 14, 2007


My Brother In Law, Jory-San and his wife Noriko had their baby this week-a boy! They live in Japan so we are having to enjoy him via the internet. There are kiss marks all over all my computer screens. It is very embarassing.

He was born April 11th and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces and was 19.1 inches long.....quite a long little guy to have been born 3 weeks early and to my petite SIL Noriko!

What?? His name?? It has not been announced yet. The anticipation is great!! Why? A name is very important and has to "fit" you know. Jory and Noriko had several chosen but wanted to see my nephew first before chosing. Choosing a Japanese name is a bit more involved than just choosing a name they like he tells me. They have to consider the characters in the name and in his case it also has to be a name that his Oklahoma family can pronounce. :o) They want his name to be Bi-National either in full or as a shortened version. He gave this example: A Japenese name like Kenji shorted to Ken would sound American. I did get one tiny hint: the name they have narrowed down to has a coincidental link to his Oklahoma family. Of course, being an out-law, I have no clue what this could be.

So for now, he is Baby-San

I will refrain from posting a picture, so Jory can be first to show off his little papoose. I will tell you he is beautiful and I just know his head smells good. :o)

Baby-San, can you say Aunt Su Su??


  1. Let's see, Tokiwa, Yohane, Makoto... ok, maybe not.

  2. padawan?

    I don't know what to say today, i'm an idiot

  3. I heard "Kai" mentioned in an email.....Jory-san "slipped".

  4. Kai is a great name, it means 'the sea'. I know this because I asked the Best Buy guy named Kai but I don't know why, maybe cause I'm shy. Oh why lie, I shouldn't even try. Am I making you cry?

  5. I think they should name him JOE.


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