Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Tramp

No, I am not talking about that girl in High School that stole my boyfriend.

G-mom (UJ's mom) and GrandPat bought the girls a new trampoline, (or JUMPoline as Carly called it when she was little) this weekend.

G-mom called and said she, UJ and the girls had talked about picking it up this weekend so I called Walmart to make sure they were in stock. They were in stock and off I went.......after checking with Papa, my dad, to ask him to help me put it together.

Bought it with no incident. That was the easy part.

The next 3 hours were a blur of metal pieces, springs and netting. We are not stupid people, but it took us a long time to put that thing together! (When all else fails, read instructions) We perservered, mainly due to three little girls coming out of or around the house saying, "Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?" and we got it, and the netting frame up last night and my cousin, Renita came and helped me get the netting up. She is a bit taller than me and had put one together previously, otherwise I was going to have to call on my SIL Andi to help me tomorrow. :o)

If anyone of you purchase a trampoline, and there is a $50 charge to have it assembled for you, it is TOTALLY worth it. My hands, arms and back are sore today from all that pushing and pulling, straining and groaning. I am chock full of Naproxen today.

We had fun jumping on it all afternoon and it will be great exercise for the girls.

I wonder if Uncle Joe will jump on it too??


  1. LMAO my posts are getting eaten and lost out in the place where all the lost posts are kept. I haven't found where yet. Your posts are dupicating.. Blogger is getting bad.
    Your post reminded me of Bill Engvall:
    Bill Engvall: "I thought I nearly broke my ribs, 'cause I'm an idiot. Well, what happened is I bought my son a trampoline. Yeah, you see where this is headed? Well, you know the rule: The person who builds it gets to try it first, so my son was at school and I built the trampoline and start to go on it, my wife goes, "Hey, why don't you wait until he comes home?" I said, "Hey, why don't you hush... please?" Hey, I ain't that big an idiot, all right? So, I was jumping on the trampoline, and I was thinking, "Oh I remember this." Started doing seat drops and knee drops and then I got cocky. One thing I learned about a trampoline, if you don't land square, you go up at an angle. And you don't come down at that same angle, you go down at an equal and opposite angle. Yeah, I'm 20 feet in the air and NOW my high school geometry kicks in. I curled into the fetal position, banged against the rail. My wife's laughing so hard, she nearly peed herself. Two important things I learned that day. One, the springs will pull the hair off your legs, and two, the dog doesn't like to jump."
    Have fun jumping!
    Huggles and Love,

  2. Maybe you're sore from all that jumping?

  3. you can jump without pee'ing your self? I can't...glad they finally got one!!

  4. I TOLD you that since I had already wrestled and eventually won the battle with ours (remember I put it together upside down first then thought, how the heck am I going to flip this pancake?_) I would be able to get yours up in a snap! Or a jump! We could have made it 5 little girls asking...

  5. I'm glad it's holding up!

  6. Hey, ya got a double post there, sister.

    Trampolines are hellish. I've known more kids to fall off them and break limbs (or necks). No thank you.

    Still, it would be a lot of fun! I love moonwalks - those big air inflated jump-around-free-for-alls.

  7. What an assembly nightmare!

    I'm glad you finally got it put together.
    It will be wonderful exercise for sure!!

    Uncle Joe WILL jump on it!
    He's a kid at heart, and we all know it. :)

  8. I think a good idea would be to name a trampoline store "tramp-o-land" but I wonder if people would think it was a store that sold a lot of sleazy stuff

  9. Hey AJ!
    Tramps are fun - at least the kind you now have in your yard.

    just stopping by to tell you I'm still here. Sort of. Am caught up in life bigtime, but am thinking of my blogging friends every now and then.


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