Friday, November 10, 2006

Fashionably Late Wishes

Happy Birthday to Seeker!!

E-nergetic (she jogs every day with PR)
E-agerly awaiting the arrival of twin grand daughters
E-ver so craaaazy about her grandchildren! (as well she should be have you seen them??)
R-isible (look it up)

We hope your day was full of fun and lots of love from those grand-boys. I bet the twinnies were wondering what was going on outside too! :o)

We love you and are SO glad to call your our Far Away Friend.

Much love,

The Joe Family


  1. AJ!!
    Thanks a million and a half!
    It was a really nice birthday, and you helped make it that way.

  2. awwwe seeker you are not only a blessing, but blessed to have such a wonderful friend as AJ to make you one of her famous birthday acronyms!!


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