Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday


Yep...I did what I haven't done in YEARS: ventured out on Black Friday to do some Christmas shopping.

My friend, Beverly, and I decided Wednesday that we would do a little bit of shopping before work today, since we were the skeleton crew on duty today at the clinic.

We agreed to meet at JCPenney's at 5am...when the doors opened. We were among the first so we received a cute little Mickey Mouse snow globe. He will adorn my desk this holiday season.

We found a few bargains there, some for me and some for the girls. I ran out of arm space before making it to the men's section. (sorry honey) I know I know, I probably shouldn't have been buying things for myself, but they were such good dealeos and I needed them really bad. (a purse and wallet ok? i have carried the same dysfunctional and marginally ugly purse all summer.)

Sears dished out some shoes for some of our honeys then we decided to go to KMart where they had only 4 check stands open. Now you tell me what moronic company has only 4 check stands open on BLACK FRIDAY?? We were smart and went back to Electronics and still had to wait in a small line, but we were in and out in 30 minutes I guess. That included a small visit with my parents in the middle of the store. My dad even got out! I don't think that has ever happened! They scoped out some gifts for the girls and snagged some pop (that is soda to all you northerners) on sale.

We were ready for breakfast about 7am and decided to go have a sit down breakfast before work. A fine end to a fun shopping day. There is never a dull moment when Bev is around. We liked looking at all the "unique" people out. We saw a woman with huge hair, 2 women in their pajamas in public, and saw an old lady bring her dog, who was wearing a sweater, to KMart.

The day at work was pretty boring but everyone who had been sick over Thanksgiving came in since their doctor's office was closed. We got to leave early so not all was lost. I even sneaked in a trip to Walmart and made a huge dent in my shopping for my family of Joes.

I usually buy Joe themed gifts. I wonder what the theme this year will be? I will marvel and amaze you at my shopping prowess. I am a Wonder Woman when it comes to snooping out dealeos. ;o)

Who has their tree up already?? Not us.....but the girls are after me already to get it up. I may appease them this weekend.


  1. Shopping before AND after work. You ARE Wonder Woman.

  2. WOW. Good deals to be had! Super shopper!

    And let Batman know that carrying the same "dysfunctional and marginally ugly purse all summer" is medal worthy. Purse and wallet are nothing to be ashamed of. That's like being ashamed of buying TP or shampoo. You can't do without either of those, okay, you can but I don't recommend it.

    My theory? When a woman has functional and beautiful tools (and that is what they are), she has a good attitude. When she has a good attitude, she smiles and bakes pies and...irons and stuff. Guys like that. So, really, Batman will eat pie while wearing wrinkle free clothing and you will get to chuck your old tog. I don't see the downside in that.

  3. just thought I'd let you know a place where you can make some nice extra cash secret shopping.
    I made over $900 last month having fun!

  4. I put up a miniature tree last night. We don't have room for a big one this year, with George's office taking over the upstairs. (since our basement emergency).

    On the news everyone's always hauling away their flat screen TVs. I didn't know anything about free snow globes. :-]

    Hey, askinstoo is back.

  5. hey askintoo is over here cheating on lucky girl!

    glad you got out and found some good deals...its a good thing, and we want to see a picture of your new purse?


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