Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bicentennial Post and Computers

Woohoo!! This is my 200th post! I never knew I had that many words in me and that anyone cared about reading them. :o) Thanks for being here with me along this road that is my life.

We were in the Java Cafe today (the breakfast served at our church on Sunday mornings) and guess what happened? The church had a computer they didn't need any more and someone told someone about our smelting accident. We left the church with a used perfectly capable computer!! God is so good! The computer has most of the things we had on our previous one and what we need to add is little things. Yippee!!

Happy Birthday to Pa-Pa Utah today. A memorable birthday we spent with him was when we went to Bozena's here in Fort Gibson. It was Oklahoma's only Polish restaurant and we had a good time. The owner Ziebiegnew came out and sang for us. I was pregnant with Carly at the time, so that was 12 years ago. We ate either pickle soup or saurkraut soup. I don't remember now......

At any rate, today was a pretty good day. Nice weather, kids got along and the short cakes are in the oven. Now we just need some icecream. ;o)


  1. Congrats on your 200th post and the computer!

    Those soups sound...interesting!

  2. congrats on sticking it out to make it to 200!!

    i'm so glad you'll be back online and running

  3. You had saurkraut soup! Of course!

  4. the shortcakes are in the oven? 12 years ago you were pregnant? what are you trying to say?

  5. Lynn: i had terrible indigestion while pregnant, so i doubt i tried either one of those unique soups.

    Susie: i will be back online soon, but I don't run. haha

    Saur: But of course! What was I thinking??

    QZ where ya been?

    Jory: you guessed it. we are having shortcakes! (shortcakes are code for shortcakes...Bisquick makes the best ones)

  6. 200? And mind my french, but damn you look good!! :o)

  7. pickle soup? :P

    that's too cool about the computer.

  8. Oh no!
    I just spilled pickle soup all over the computer....

    sumbodee hep meee.....

  9. What is pickle soup? It sounds gross.

    Congrats on 200.

    Congrats on the shortcakes too.

  10. You got a new patooder?!! YIPPEEE!!


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