Monday, August 07, 2006

Oh Lonesome Me

*Oh lonesome Me*

Uncle Joe, Carly and CassiJo have gone on a little trip with G-Mom for one last HooHa before school starts this week. (a hooha is Oklahoma talk for a fun trip) They went to Fort Smith Arkansas for a few days to west and wewax. They are staying in a hotel with an indoor pool....every kids delight.

That leaves me with a lot of free time.

I am not used to free time.

I have been a busy bee since I got off work about 6pm. I went to our old house and loaded down my car with stuff to bring over, watered the Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, almost had a heat stroke, got stopped by a 300 car train on the busiest street in Muskogee on the way to Staples for office supplies. I ran into one of my favorite cousins and had a good laugh in the parking lot talking about our kids. He has two boys and we of course have two we have lots to laugh at! We get so tickled at each other we are crying with laughter before we leave each other. (We are pretty close...our moms are twins!)

I got what I needed at Staples which included some buble' wrap to mail a surprise to someone, and some items from the sale rack. (did you think the link was going to reveal the recipient?haha!)

Dad called on my way home and we loaded up the computer desk he built for us this weekend. (All this and I still haven't made it home to change clothes and I am sweatin up a storm by now in my black pants and long sleeved shirt!)

I ate some yummy left over lasagna from Lunch with The Aukerman's and sat down at the computer for a game of Scrabble.

There we dirty dishes calling my name so I hushed them up and got them all nice and squeaky clean and put away in their homes, and even relocated a few to a nicer, more convenient neighborhood in my kitchen.

I chatted on the phone with her and her ,and now I am getting sleepy. I have had a very productive evening. I just hope I sleep well. Sometimes when I am alone, I don't sleep well, but tonight I think I have worn myself out.

I have been laughing at the cat, Charlie "White Sox" Pesednick tonight. He has been pawing at the computer screen as I type. He sees the letters and the cursor moving and keeps jumping up there to attack them. :o) I think he might miss Carly and Uncle Joe. They are his favorite humans. He doesn't like me or Cassidy too much. He scratches us alot. I especially love it when he claws my feet when he is hiding under the bed, or comes into the bedroom early in the morning and scratches me on the face. I don't understand why he does that. I love him and love to pet and love on him! Maybe I smell funny or something. hmmmm


Good night Bloggers!

PS: Stay tuned for more Gobhole Adventure pictures.........


  1. I'm first, praise be to god i'm first!!

  2. How come you didn't call and chat with me?

  3. oh ho ho you're in trouble with leslee.

    i have an answer leslee. because we both called HER. yep. you gots to call her. so remember that. she's not a phone dialer but rather a phone answerer.

  4. oh ho ho you're in trouble with leslee.

    i have an answer leslee. because we both called HER. yep. you gots to call her. so remember that. she's not a phone dialer but rather a phone answerer.

  5. It sounds like you had a very busy day with some fun tossed in...
    Good on ya!
    I hope you sleep well.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

  6. Your cat sounds like mine. She had her first biting incident a few weeks ago... one of my roomates nephews picked her up, and she hates being picked up, and hates kids, and hates strangers... so she nipped at him to get her point across. Can't say i blame her either LOL

    Enjoy your alone time!!!!

  7. i wonder how long it takes raggedy to type in all those little symbols or if she keeps that on hand and copies and pastes. hmmmmmm

  8. Susie: PTL!

    Leslee: Susie is right...both of the aforementioned conversations occurred as a result of the previously mentioned parties dialing my numba.

    Raggedy: I slept ok....just stayed up too late. I hate going to bed alone.

    Seeker: it is so quiet it is weird. we don't have cable yet so the tv won't pick anything up yet. i listened to classic rock til 1am lastnight and sang very loud and maybe even danced crazy.

    Jana: so you are saying your cat only likes YOU?? I am thinking of having this cat de-clawed. What is your opinion?

    Susie 2: i bet she can type those in her sleep....or maybe she just pastes. i bet she pastes. how 'bout it Raggedy Ann? (who was btw my favorite doll when i was a kid. i still have her.)

  9. Of course my cat only loves me. She's deeply intelligent! ;o)

    Declawing is only good if your cat will never end up being an outside cat. I haven't had mine declawed, because she's always tried to escape outside... and now she's an outside cat!


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