Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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I just want to see where my thoughts take me today. I usually don't like to post unless I have something funny or half-way intelligent to say, but today I just want to follow the train of thoughts as they hit me. Buckle your seat belts, I think we may be in for a bumpy ride and we may even get lost a time or two. :o)

Today my day started off with a woman in my bubble (my personal space) with the worst breath I have ever smelled on a woman. This woman is a prominent banker in our town and her breath made me gag. I kid you not. I could not believe that she talked to clients all day with the funk that was coming out of her mouth.

Still packing. Slowly packing. Cassidy is at VBS at the new church (at what point I will call it just 'our church' i don't know) I should be in there packing more but I am taking a blogging break on the front porch while I wait for her to be brought home. The quiet is kind of nice. Carly didn't want to to go to VBS so she is working folding laundry, and has completed her Carly-Do list for today. Good job Carly!

Carly mowed the lawn for me. (it is my therapy but I will share once in a while) I only wish we had a weedeater that I could use. I would love for my lawn to have edging....but just has 'yard bangs'. I think Joe told me we have one but I don't know how to use it. It is gas and probably needs 'something' to make it work. It may even belong to Jory-San....I don't even know.

The other day, yesterday I walked outside at work and heard the strangest bird song I have ever heard. I stopped and listened to it for a long time and just smiled. It sounded like someone whistling, not like a bird song at all. I looked around to make sure some tricky person wasn't trying to fool me and it happened again when I was leaving. I just smiled and went on......

Muskogee finally got a Quiznos opened up a couple of weeks ago. We walked in one night after church and it turned out it was their first day. They were very nice and let us eat inside even though they were closing in 10 minutes. My Cabo Chicken sandwich was very tasty and very spicy:o)

I went to Waldenbooks tonight to buy a gift for friend at work. I bought 4 and got 1 free from Clarence's Rack. I just love him!! I bought a Toni Morrison book called Love. I have always wanted to read some of her work and this was a perfect opportunity. I also found Carly, my arteest daughter, an drawing instruction book so when she reads this she will have to ask me for it. :o) heehee I resisted going to do any more shopping in the mall even though Twisted Joe's was right next door to Waldenbooks and they had just made some fresh pretzels and they smelled SO good and I was SO hungry!

Cassidy was just dropped off by my cousin, Renita and her son Blake. Blake is almost 6 and is Batman Jr. to Uncle Joe's Batman Sr. They ALWAYS talk shop when they are together. It is very sweet. I tried 3 times to download a picture but I can't get it to work. Shoot.

OK we need input. We are trying to choose colors for our new bedroom. I am up for anything. I put up some swatches of colors I like......soft yellow (not pastel...the popular butter cream colors) and even considered 'roasted coffee' brown. We don't have to match anything because we are getting new comforter stuff when we move in. We don't really have a style in our room either so we are just a blank slate waiting for inspiration. Whadda ya got Bloggers?

I am really craving some chocolate ice cream right now. A soft-serve cone from Beacon sounds so good. I wonder if I can sneak off and have one all to myself??

Joe and the girls tried to go to a free movie at the theater at the mall, but didn't make it. They went to see "Over the Hedge" in stead. I haven't heard if they liked it. I was wishin' I could have gone too.

Oh yea! I got a post card from Nerdine! She is in Bath and is having a WONDERFUL time! No schedule....stopping when they want, doing what they want. Most excellent holiday!!

Well That is about all I will bore you with tonight. My battery on my lap top is about to start blinking for more juice.......

Good night~


  1. *Hand that woman some breath mints
    *WTG Carly!
    *You could probably hire a youngster to do the weed work. My son put up a sign in our local grocery and has been busy with those types of jobs since school let out.
    *I would sure like to hear that bird.
    * A Cabo Chicken sandwich sure sounds good about now.
    *^5 on the book purchases
    *I think a light cream color for the bedroom then anything will go with it.
    *Passes you the chocolate ice cream
    *Woooooohooooo for Nerdine! Sounds like fun
    *Hugs, gnite,and take care

  2. heres my wonderful advice

    weed wacker: Featherlite from walmart, yes you have to use mixed gas, but if i can handle it so can you i love my weed wacker. LOVE i'd sleep with it but it stinks.

    bad breath woman, next time, hand her a spray bottle of binaca, nuff said

    colors for your room. buttercream? sounds pretty mundane, but maybe thats what you're looking for. i like the coffee thing. only if the room is lighted with several windows. so, the color choice depends on the lighting in the room. and size of room. less light/small room equals light color paint, vice versa
    hey, kiwi is in style, hows about that? all i know, is i like contrast. i always paint the walls and then paint the trim a much lighter shade. you could also do some cool stenciling on the ceiling. i'll post a pic of mine, to give you an idea. you paint the ceiling wall color, then use the lighter trim color to do a design, don't use a stupid storebought sponge, thats boring.

    over the hedge was sort of boring too. you didn't miss much

    nacho libre was hilarious

    thats enough

  3. over the hedge was great....the adults in the theater laughed more than the kids...
    We loved it and we laughed...

    some folks breath stinks depending on what they just ate. maybe she just had lunch..
    maybe she was there for halitosis and the doc gave her a prescription.....

  4. Well, at least you're not staring at your closet saying, "what am I going to wear to Sam and Ella's on Saturday" like I am.

    I think you should've asked bad breath lady for gum. Then if she had gum she'd probably pop a piece in her mouth and if not once you found someone who did you could get her a piece too. And she'd never know you thought she had bad breaths.

    Packing, I'd love to help, but I'm not going to be in town THAT long.

    Carly is awesome! My daddy won't let me mow because the two times I did the engine threw a rod through the motor. My husband heard the story and won't let me mow either. It's not like I tried to throw the rod!

    The other day, yesterday... well, which was it?

    It's about time Muskogee got a Quiznos, but I'm still hacked off that Tahlequah doesn't have a Schloskys anymore.

    Waldenbooks rock! I can't believe you had enough will power to not go to Twisted Joes. I'm not planning on having that much will power. I'm counting down the hours until I'm close enough to smell Joes!

    I think it's pretty funny that Blake and UJ talk Batman stuff. If Nickel comes with me this weekend he can talk shop too.

    I like the sound of roasted coffee. I wonder if you could get scratch and sniff paint? Wouldn't that be cool, wake up and scratch the wall to get your coffee smell fix until it's ready?

    I didn't know that Beacon had chocolate ice cream. I never really liked Beacon, but it's right next door to the Sonic in Tahlequah and everyone knew if you went to the cheap side.

    Over the Hedge was funny! I saw it with Peanut and my friend Not-So-Shi and her son. Not-So-Shi and I laughed harder then the kids.

    I wish I was in Bath with Nerdine. Not in a bath, but at Bath. LOL!

    You're not boring when you let your thoughts flow. Quite intersting actually!

  5. Nice post. I enjoyed reading your random thoughts.
    For a color scheme, I like yellow, blue and green. They go well together. The yellow gives things a warm glow and the blue and green offset it. It's restful for me, like floating on a little boat in a blue-green bay on a warm, sunny day.

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