Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm All Jazzed Up

Please make a note at where we will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is a wonderful festival we drove down to experience last year with our oldest daughter, Carly.

It is a free festival held annually in Denton, TX and is filled to the brim with wonderful jazz musicians. Some of the musicians come from University of North Texas, one of the top music universities in the United States. Other groups and individuals come from across the country to play in this festival.

Lots of food, arts and crafts and entertainment stages will be a fun family event if you are in the area.

The Headline artist for 2006 is Joshua Redman (Friday night) and The Robert Cray Band (Saturday night)

Anyway, if any of you Texans reading this decide to go to the festival, don't be shy, come up and say hi! You'll recognize me....I am the gal with the guy in the Batman suit.


  1. Hey!

    I'll be there and I'll have your kids in tow and we will sit right behind YOU. You'll be easy to find because you'll be wearing a goofy hat and he'll be in his Batman suit.

    Have a good and safe trip and enjoy your honeymoon.


  2. Thanks to you and your great Aunting skills we will!

  3. Have lots and lots and lots of fun!

  4. You mean you won't be wearing one of those nifty hats?

    Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like a great event. The music will be smoooooooooooth!!

  5. N-joy!
    I'll be lookin' for a full report.

  6. AJ Jazzy Jammer Bob!!

    I hope you weren't rained out again today. Glad to hear you are still having a good time, out on some R & R.

    So, since you were a food critic last time you went out, does this mean you'll get pictures of Batman in the mosh pit?

  7. To you, AJ, Uncle Joe and the little Jos: I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    I'm sure you will post some pics soon and maybe tell us about it.


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