Monday, November 21, 2005

Scare at work

Today my friend Beverly had seizures at work and scared us to death. We had to end up calling EMS to come and get her to take her to the hospital.

It was a very strange ordeal and I will be curious to see what the dr.'s think is causing her problems. My layman's theory is that the fact that she has been not eating over the last three or four weeks has something to do with it. Your body will do all kinds of strange things when it is starved. I know she is not literally starving herself, but she is not eating near the amount that will keep her going. She has lost about 15 or so pounds lately. Some of it is due to stress about some other medical problems but the biggest part of her stress is lack of attention from her husband.

She passed out at home last night and cut her hand and she had to have stitches this morning. She is allergic to all the 'caines' used to numb wounds for repair so she had to get Benedryl into her wound to numb it. I believe it was the medication partnered with her out-of-balance system. Just my opinion.......

When she was in the midst of the seizures all the dr's in the clinic were with her and I felt so out of place. I just put my hand on her and cried out to God on her behalf. I wanted to literally cry out but I just prayed silently and earnestly. What do you do when you are physically helpless to assist?

Please keep her and her family in your prayers fellow believers. She is a good friend and I hate to see her go through this. I pray that God will teach her a lesson from this and that her husband's heart will be softened and he will yield to her cries for his attention.

Husbands love your wives!!!

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